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I’m now going to put up a section of my very long novel Our Lady Of The Blues.  The novel concerns my Navy years.  This section is about our Pacific Cruise from September of 1957 to March of 1958.  I have told it as was without concessions to current prejudices.  This cruise was a young man’s dream as we covered the Pacific from Hawaii to Hong Kong, Australia to Japan.  Like any other novel it has its joys and sorrows, comedy and tragedy.  I’m sure the cruise was the high point of all our young lives.


Approximately 400 pages.  As usual I will post 10 pages a day and proofread the following day.  Begun on 7/19/07.  Clips will be of 50 pages each. 

I hope any readers will enjoy the story.

Thank you.


Our Lady Of The Blues


R.E. Prindle

Part V.

From Gaia To Maia


     The Teufelsdreck turned its poop to the rising sun  moving out over the vast expanses of the broad Pacific Ocean.   The ship had embarked on what should have been a magnificent adventure for all aboard.  For most it was just another day in their life in the Navy.

     The entire tour would cover some forty thousand miles and scores of latitudes and longitudes.  The tour would rival the peregrinations of that flighty sailor, Herman Melville, and far eclipse the meager voyage of the gentleman dilittante, Richard Henry Dana, who slummed with us ordinary seamen before the mast.

     The itinerary of the Teufelsdreck would zig-zag across the wide pacific from the US to China, drop down to Australia and back up to Japan.  The ship would touch at Kwajalein, Tarara, Samoa, pass through the Coral Sea and by Guadalcanal and Bougainville, on to Subic Bay on the Bataan Peninsula, cruise past Corregidor into Manila Bay and sail by many other landmarks of the Pacific War.

page 802.

     The climate would range from balmy tropical waters to freezing typhoons off Japan.  There was the Great Barrier Reef off Australia, the wonders of Blowfish and tropically colored fish that passed the bounds of imagination.  The Navy slogan was:  Join the Navy and see the world.  This tour was the very best that the Navy had to offer.  It was an opportunity that very, very few in private life have ever had.  All these sites were still exotic not yet brought within the realm of modern communications.  McDonald’s had as yet been barely thought of;  the notion that it would ever plaster exotica with its plastic signs would have brought hoots of derision.  The South Pacific was not the paradise it had once been but the chain saw had not yet begun to level the great tropical jungles.

     The great adventure of seeing legendary far away places was augmented by the adventures both ashore and aboard ship among the one hundred eighty-six men of the crew.  All the rivalries and hatreds, the sociological developments begun in the States continued at sea.  All the subliminal urges kept more or less in control within the order of civilized society were unpent in the long voyage on the plane of Maia which led to startling developments which were unheard of in the rest of the fleet.

     Perhaps the situation of the Teufelsdreck sailing the plane between the depths of the sea and the bowl of the sky approximated too closely the globe of the human mind with its permeable plane separating the conscious and the subconscious.  With Gaia replaced by the vessel of the Teufelsdreck floating lonely in the sea the men’s minds sought unusual outlets.

page 803.

     A ship is called a ‘she’ because it is a vessel, a steel womb in which one’s life is lived.  As in a womb there is little contact with the outside world; all nourishment comes from within.  This is the way the world was born.  All was chaos and then there was a wind on the water.

     If one examines Middle Eastern creation myths, the most well known being that of Genesis, it becomes apparent that what is being described is not the creation of the world but man’s apprehension of it.  the tale is of the dawn of consciousness and not the creation of the world.

     As an infant the author was placed on his back in his crib outside the bedroom door in the living room.  He lay there day after day looking blankly at the incoherent lines and planes of the room that made up his world.  Then one day, it takes only a few seconds, a miracle occurred.  All of a sudden the lines and planes resolved themselves into angles and surfaces.  In just a moment disorganized lines and angles became right angles joined together in such clever fashion that they formed walls and ceiling.  The round dull glow took the shape of a lamp.  Indeed, the gray haze vanished and there was light.  The author’s world was transformed forever.  A ‘flood’ had obliterated his former world.

page 804

     Let us compare the creation myth:  In the beginning their was only chaos.  All existence was mixed up together; nothing was differentiated.  Then there was a wind on the water that separated the firmament from the sea.  So now we see that things weren’t exactly confused, the sky actually rested on the water.  The water of the subconscious, the sky of the conscious.  Quite correctly man has always identified the subconscious as female and water, the sky as spiritual and male.  Now light was separated from darkness with which it had been commingled.  The earth, or plane on which we live was separated from the water and heaped on one side, or, right lobe, left lobe.  the sun, the moon and stars came into existence, then the plants and animals and finally man, the recognition of self.

     Then, most importantly, it was necessary that everything had names so that they could be identified.  So the first man, Adam, went around naming each creation as he touched it.

     As a creation myth that is rather silly but it does accurately describe the dawn of consciousness.  After perhaps millions of years wandering around without a clue man understood in a flash who he was and where he stood.  His eyes were opened.  He stepped from the Garden of Eden to which he could never return into a world where mere animal passions would no longer make it, he would have to be reborn.  The details of the memory of the life he had left were effaced as though by a great flood which had risen up and engulfed the past.  Each survivor was born again.

page 805.

     From then on progression into full consciousness advanced at a dizzying pace.  It became apparent to Man, ignorant of what it all meant, half crazed by his conflicting emotions, that he would have to learn everything and do it fast.  Thus against a background of perhaps millions of years, within ten thousand years man rose from early consciousness to the full consciousness of science heralded psychologically by Freud.

     Yet Freud discovered nothing.  It was just that one day his eyes were opened and he was able to give names to everything that had been known for thousands of years.  Our ancestors were not a bunch of stupid oafs, not all of them anyway, else how could we claim intelligence?  They were very perceptive men but lacked the science to express themselves except in symbolic terms.  Besides which, had they spoken openly their less perceptive fellows would have murdered them for disturbing the peace, as was Socrates to name only the most prominent example.

     We have already discussed some of the symbolism but to make the next segment of my story intelligible it will be necessary to discuss a few others and try to put my concept of psychology in order.

     I have already broached the subject of the X and y chromosomes which form the basis of human identity.  I have posited that the Ancients were familiar, indeed, articulated the concept in mythical or symbolic terms.  Now to elaborate.

     Science in the last few decades has been able to demonstrate conclusively the physical basis of the beliefs of the Ancients.  It only remains to identify them with the ideas of Depth Psychology and take it a step further.

page 806.

     The marriage of the two chromosomes is found in the DNA helix.  Physically this forms a unit that extends from the gonads or ovaries up the spine and out the brain stem.  Anchored in the the ‘materiality’ of the reproductive organs the upper end makes possible the ‘spiritual’ apparatus of Man.  The upper ends are not anchored in the brain as the lower are in the reproductive organs but, as it were flap loose forming the Anima and Animus.  Very probably in horned animals the horns are material representations of the Anima and Animus.

     The brain which was apparently at first merely a functional unit later developed a midbrain and then expanded again to include the frontal lobe which to this point in time has completed the cranial development of man.

     This is the animal.  This is what is meant by the sexual entity.  It has nothing to do with sexual intercourse as Freud was given to imagine.  Sex is something different than sexual.  There is no amount of fucking, as Freud thought, that will improve the human psyche.

      However any challenges to his sexual identity, or what the French call Amour Propre will result in expression through the sexual apparatus which involves aggression and which may include fucking as a means of vengeance or dominance to recover one’s amour propre or to demostrate one’s superiority.  Thus Greek vase painting show the Greek conquerors of the Persian War sticking it up the ass of submissive Persian captives.  Many forms of violence are merely a surrogate form of fucking.

page 807.

     Sexual aggression is only the form of the external response.  There are also internal responses.  Internal responses to unanswerable challenges are passed along the Power Train from brain to gonads taking the form of complexes.  These unaswerable challenges form in the subconscious as fixations.  For every fixation there is a corresponding somatic or psychological affect.  Thus just as every mole has its twin in a corresponding place of the body every fixation has a corresponding somatic affect.  The entire range of psychosomatic affects from rashes, asthma, sinuses, ulcers, stuttering, timidity and what have you can be cured simply by finding the corresponding fixation and removing it.

     The Ancients had several symbols that clearly demonstrate an understanding of the Power Train if not the psychology.  They could sense and know of this physical reality without being able to express it in scientific terms.

     One of the symbols was the water lily.  In one famous representation, the bulbs, which are rooted in the earth are portrayed virtually as two gonads.  The stalks intertwining rise up from the bulbs through the spinal water until the flower or brain bursts into bloom in the ‘spiritual’ air supported by the leaf floating on the surface of the water.

     A second example is the Caduceus of Hermes.  This symbol is most clear of all since the concept of spirituality has not been introduced into it.  Two snakes entwine around a central staff.  Their tails oppose each other at the bottom.  The symbolism of the coils entwining about the staff need not detain us although the double helix of DNA is implied.  At the top the heads of the two snakes face each other like combative cobras clearly representing the conflict between the Anima and Animus.  Undoubtedly one snake is spermatic while the other is ovate.

 page 808.

     Or, as I interpret Freud, they are what he chose to call the Ego and Libido.  As an intelligent medical investigator it should have been impossible for Freud to miss this relationship to the physical entity but the knowledge was not yet available to connect them with physiology.

     The Caduceus may have been derived from the Egyptian symbol called the Uas Scepter.  This is a staff with a curious prong at the bottom which must represent the reproductive organs.  The head has two prongs one going left, the other right.  The meaning of the Uas Scepter changes when it is held in the right or left hand.

     Ancient man was always at war with himself as the two combative snakes of the Caduceus imply.  The raging bull of the y chromosome contended with the X of Athene or whatever female image clothed it.  Spiritual education was intended to help a man bring this raging bull under control.  Woman was expected to place her heel on the head of the snake of her spermatic chromosome thus bringing it under control.

     Before discussing fixations let us consider the role of the intellect and intelligence.  Freud denied completely the role of the intellect while completely dismissing the effect of intelligence before the power of what he called the ‘instincts.’

page 809.

     The conscious and subconscious is formed by the interlocking of the subconscious, the intellect and the intelligence.

     The intellect forms an intermediary between the sub-conscious and the intelligence.  Once formed and allowed to solidify it makes the character and intelligence rigid.

     All of the information going into the infant and childhood mind combines to form the intellect.  All of this teaching of parents and society from which the young mind has no defense or means of interpretation or contradiction is accepted as gospel.  It is there that national characters are formed.  The Jewish intellect, the Christian or Moslem intellect, the national intellects are all embedded in the individual’s intellect.

     It is actually impossible to change one’s religious or national character after it has been formed.  Only in the very rarest of instances could a Chinese intellect, for instance, be converted to an American or vice versa.  Thus Chinese emigrants wherever they are must always remain Chinese unless brought up from birth within a different culture in which case they would only look Chinese.  It is virtually and may be actually impossible to learn another national or religious intellect outside the milieu of infancy.  Thus one’s Weltanschauung is fixed from childhood on.  All education will be brought into conformation with it.

     Intelligence will dispel the most egregious ethno-centric beliefs as in the saying:  Travel is broadening.  A person may be able to make room in his intellect for a comprehensive range of beliefs but the mind is inelastic: in the end he will return to his national and religious intellect no matter how he transforms his education.

page 810.

     In addition one’s parents and friends will fill the intellect with much matter, most of it tripe.  If lucky, intelligent parents will load you with intelligent matter; if not, if you are intelligent you will have to devote a great deal of time to cleaning out the rubbish.  Anything in conflict with demonstrable reality can be converted much as a fixation.

     The more you revere your parents, friends and family the more fixed, rigid and unalterable your intellect will be.  Thus as the English say of the Scotch:  The only way you can get a new idea in their head is to saw open their skull and toss it in.  Or. like father, like son.

     The more active your intelligence the better equipped you are to improve your intellect and manage your subconscious.

     For a seriously fixated subconscious will control an inflexible intellect and distort one’s intelligence.  Intelligence is devinitely the weakest of the three.  By intelligence I don necessarily mean the ability to compute or manage information.  Much mental disease is not really disease but an inflexible concretized intellect which will not adjust to reality.

     Freud’s organization of the mind can be largely discarded.  There is no Id or Unconscious, his Ego and Libido theory are incomplete and all the complexity he finds is non existent.  There is only the conscious and subconscious.  The conscious is the Intellect and Intelligence while the subconscious is undivided.  All fixation are in the subconscious.  In Freud’s terms the spermatic chromosome is repressed while the ovate is fixated, which seems possible.  He related this condition to neuroses in genral and to hysteria in particular.  Since we will be dealing with hysterics it would be appropriate to discuss the formation of neuroses and psychoses.

page 811.

     No child is born with either.  They are all acquired.  When a Challenge is presented to the Power Train of the individual he must deal with it successfully or not.  If he handles it successfully there is no damage to one’s amour propre.  But if he fails his mind must compensate for his inability to meet the Challenge.  A fixation or lesion occurs in his mind.  His failure may turn into an external rage as he tries to destroy the damage or it may be internalized.  In any case the fixation becomes encysted in his subconscious.  There is no problem with this if the Challenge is merely being placed on the back burner until the person resolves the Challenge.  This may happen within an hour or days.  When he successfully resolves the Challenge the encysted fixation disappears and he returns to normal.

     Some fixations are well beyond the person’s ability to ever successfully respond to them.  The central childhood fixation is primary of these.  If this can be uncovered and faced then all other fixations can be eliminated and the mind made whole.  There will be fixations of lesser importance scattered through the subconscius or there may be clusters of lesser fixations hidden behind a greater fixation that represents their class.  It is only necessary to express them to make them disappear.

     The central childhood fixation will be protected and nursed most carefully by the psyche.  It is almost impossible to get at it and remove it because the Challenge that caused it was so extreme for the individual and his response so inadequate that he cannot bear to face it again.  Besides, in a perverse way he has learned to love it.  He is afraid to be without it.

page 812.

     This central childhood fixation is the controlling factor of the person’s identity.  It will distort all the information in the intellect for its benefit.  In competition with the intelligence it will swamp the intelligence and prevail against the person’s better judgement and will.

     All the irrational reactions of the person are caused by his fixations.  They are reflected on the Anima and Animus. 

     Those irrational reactions or madnesses can be removed if they can be identified and dealt with successfully by using superior intelligence and experience:  If they can be faced.

      Finding them is realtively easy but facing them may prove to be an impossible task even if they can be learned or identified by a psychologist and explained to the subject.

     Now, a problem is going to develop, a very serious problem in the story, with the homosexuals aboard ship versus the straights.  As homosexuals their central childhood fixation had fixated their Anima and repressed their Animus.  In other words, hysteria is the normal state of the homosexual.  Homosexuality is caused by a hysterical reaction to  an unaswerable Challenge to their amour propre: in other words, their emasculation.  The child is sexually abused by a man and responds sexually by becoming a homosexual.

page 813.

     In addition to this, because of the guilt they feel by being less manly and the rejection of society they experience they also become perverted.  As hysterics they adopt a sado-masochistic persona.  Contrary to Freud neither sadism or masochism are ‘instincts’, they are affects.

     Our ostensible hero, Dewey Trueman, was also an hysteric.  Indeed, quite so.  While not a homosexual he was fixated and repressed while attacked by a degree of emasculation expressed in a latent homosexuality.  In certain circumstances he was quite mad.  His central childhood fixation caused by Yisraeli in his persona of David Hirsh formed the basis of his personality while his repressed Animus denied him full use of his manly powers so that he appeared sexually ambiguous to a degree.

     Thus inthe grip of the watery ocean, afloat on a sea of troubles, the little Teufelsdreck sailed forth to its destiny at the island, that little speck of land in the broad Pacific called Guam.

     The feel of leaving the land behind was much different than the usual day trip of maneuvers.  There was a finality, a separation, the umbilical cord was cut.  It seemed that the men of the crew reverted to an anterior form of consciousness.  Dewey himself felt his mind engulfed by the waves; a sort of tranquillity unknown on land embraced his mind as he stood on the deck of the floating island suspended as it were between the sea and the sky.

     The trip began as a journey of revelations for Dewey, which was to characterize it throughout.  The first and the second revelations were provided by Dart Craddock.

page 814.

     As they passed the stern of the aircraft carrier Ranger on the west side of North Island, Dart said:  ‘They’ve got a Special Weapons officer aboard the Ranger.’

     ‘What Special Weapons might they be?’

     ‘IT.  They keep an Atom Bomb in readiness aboard.  They’ve got a designated officer to look after it.’

     ‘Why would they have an Atom Bomb on board?’  Dewey asked naively.  He believed the propaganda that the good Christian gentlemen of the US Government would never use the Bomb except in dire necessity, if then.

     ‘I don’t know.  What do you think?’  Dart laughed.

     There were few people who realized how extensively the Bomb was being tested.  Latterly we learn there were over twelve hundred Bombs exploded with three hundred of them in the atmosphere.  Over nine hundred subterranean tests.  Dewey believed that perhaps only six or eight atmospherics had been conducted although had he used both fingers and toes he would have come up with more from memory.

     The nuclear holocaust was more of a reality than a fear.  About five hundred miles off shore Dart stepped up to Dewey saying with a smile:  ‘This must be the place.’

     Dewey looked blankly at the cresting waves touching the horizon in every direction:  ‘Place for what?’

     ‘Get this!  A while back they suspended a submarine just below the surface then exploded an Atom Bomb two miles down just to see what the effect on the submarine would be.’

page 815.

     ‘Ahhh, no.  Why would they do that?  Man, you saw the destruction the depth charges caused.  Just imagine what an Atom Bomb two miles deep would do.’

     ‘Just imagine.’  Dart replied ironically.

     ‘Supposing it’s true.  How do you know all this stuff.’

     ‘Oh, I just keep my eyes and ears open.’  Dart smiled sauntering off.

     Maybe that mushroom shaped cloud was too much for the mind of Man.  Maybe it was the ultimate phallus, the erection to end all erections that so fascinated the military mind.  Maybe it made them feel like real men to set off such awesome power.  Of what use could it be to explode bomb after bomb.  Once theory and practice converged why keep doing it?

     Surely there was enought theory to predict the success of the H-Bomb; yet they destroyed Eniwetok and most probably all life within a two hundred mile radius from ground to stratosphere.  The Hydrogen bomb must have exceeded their phallic fantasy because they never tried it again.

     As Dewey stood on the deck mulling this over movies like The Incredible Shrinking Man and A Giant Crab Comes Forth began to make more sense to him.  In fact the whole genre of atomic mutation movies would make him uneasy in the future.

     But for now the laughing dolphins springing from the sea impressed his mind as much as they did the ancient mariners.  Was it any wonder that one of these beasts was chosen to lead the Cretan priests to Delphi.  Living below the limes of consciousness yet springing repeatedly into the bright air these wonderful animals must have represented their viewers mental condition.  Living as they did with minds submerged beneath the conscious level only rising from time to time into clearheadedness what a simile these smiling half-fish half-animals part human appearing must have seemed to them.

page 817.

     Dewey was not conscious of the reasons for his fascination with them but his admiration was based on the same principle.  How he longed to leap from the water into the bright clear air of consciousness and stay there.

Twenty-Six Hundred Miles Across The Sea

     As the ship breached the waves beginning its incessant pitch and roll Ensign Grant Shaffer sat with the open box containing a million dollars before him.  A million in twenties, tens, fives and ones makes a considerable pile, one that appears inexpendable to one who has never sat in front of a million in cash before.

     The sight of the cool million had also stunned the Second Class Disbursing Clerk, Ezio Ponzi.  The course taken by Shaffer might never have been taken but the prodding of Ezio Ponzi.  It was he who concocted the scheme.

     Dazzled by the prospects of this amazing incredible tour of the Pacific he could only lament that he wouldn’t have the money to take full advantage of it.  Or would he?

     An incredible notion took possession of his mind driving out all reason before it.  The money in the Box looked inexhaustible, therefore it was.  If, Ponzi reasoned, he could persuade the men to take advances against their next paychecks then if they would rebate half back he would not record the advance thus ensuring they received a full paycheck on payday.

page 818.

     Obviously he couldn’t do it alone.  He would have to have the complicity of Ensign Shaffer.  It is to be imagined that there would be a great many bookkeepers who woud shrink from the very idea of suggesting such a course to their superiors.

     Ezio Ponzi was not sophisticated enough to be one of these.  He was an Italian boy from the Five Points in Manhattan.  On his home turf where such things were discussed as a matter of course, his gang and Ponzi were ignorant of the principles of double entry bookkeeping.  Neither they nor he understood the concept of the paper trail.  In the Five Points you got away with it once the deed was done.

     Ponzi himself had joined the Navy in 1946 when he first realized Italy had lost the war.  He wanted to be on the winning team.  Contrary to popular belief a large part of the Italian population remained loyal to Italy.  Of all the immigrants the Italians were most frequently birds of passage.  For many decades in the nineteenth century they had been migrant workers in Europe going North for the summer while returning South for the winter.  Then they added Argentina and Brazil to their itinerary.  With the improvements in marine transportation this became much easier.  Then in 1890 they included New York on their itinerary.  As the main intent was to make enough money to support themselves in Sicily for the winter almost as many returned each year as arrived.  As no passports were required at the time a regular criminal circuit developed around the Atlantic ports of the New and Old Worlds.

page 818.

          Many Anglo-Americans complained of this evident criminality among the Italians but ever sensitive to ‘racism’ the Liberal Coalition told them to shut up their prejudiced mouths.  The fact that organized crime became an Italian monopoly did not dissuade Liberals from this attitude.

     At any rate Italian immigrants never ceased thinking of themselves as Italians.  More or less trapped in America by the outbreak of the Great War and the restrictions placed on immigration in 1920 the Italian colonies were part of America.  The great Atlantic migratory circle was broken.

     The Five Points and Brooklyn were truly Italian colonies.  The colony controlled the docks of New York.  The perceived threat of sabotage to shipping by Italians in WWII was so great that the US Government approached the incarcerated arch-criminal Lucky Luciano to plead for his intercession with his paisanos to prevent such disturbances.  Whether the help of Luciano was needed or not as a reward he was paroled from prison to be repatriated to Sicily.

     The boys in the Five Points were suitably impressed.  ‘Who says crime don’t pay.’  Ezio Ponzi muttered as he donned the dress blues of the winner.  During his eleven years or so of service Ponzi had always been into petty graft.  He carried the Navy tradition of cumshaw to greater heights.

page 819.

     Now his moment had come.  Ponzi hadn’t finished Junior High while Ensign Shaffer had graduated from the University of Michigan.  No two intellectual traditions could have been more different than those of Ponzi and Shaffer yet the Ensign without blinking acceded to Ponzi’s plan.

     Shaffer had had to work his way through school as his presence in the N.R.O.T.C. indicated.  He had always been strapped for cash while his friends lived high, or so it seemed.  He was often dependent on their largesse.  Now he could distribute his own largesse with an open hand and be paid for it.  The temptation was too great for his judgement.

     Teal Kanary, who had his nose in everything was recruited to spread the good word.  Proud Costello was included for added weight and respectability as was Lt. Bifrons Morford.  Lt. Sieggren, the third of the officerial Three Musketeers stood aloof but reluctant to deter his friends.  Could this be construed as a conspiracy to defraud the government?

     Thus the crew of the Teufelsdreck set off on one hell of a tour.  Every  Man Jack who wanted it had pay and half while Shaffer and his bunch had money up the wazoo.

     Wazoo or yazoo was a Navy term for an unidentified part of the human body in which it was desirable to store things.

     Some did not participate.  Fortunately for the Blacks prejudice excluded them from the benefits of the Ponzi scheme.  Some few others including Trueman saw through the scheme refusing to participate.

page 820

Hopes, Dreams And Schemes

     The emergence of the Black Civil Rights Movement was already giving ideas to the homosexuals.  If Blacks could hope to liberate themselves from the oppression of a hostile society why couldn’t homos?  A ripple of protest went through society.

     Aboard the Teufelsdreck as soon it as it put to sea a homosexual conclave gathered each night in an unused compartment adjoining after steering.  Directly behind First Division was a fairly large compartment containing a barber’s chair which served as the barber shop.  Behind that was a small room containing the after steering helm.  The Navy always has backup systems.  In case the bridge was hit during war destroying the helm, steering could be done in after steering which was just above the rudder.  On the port side was this unused compartment.

     Every night of the tour the group of homosexuals gathered, by invitation only, in this compartment.  It was hinted that because the crew was denied access to women at sea relief could only be gotten from each other.  The men ‘had’ to do it.

     The argument that men turn to each other from lack of women is a rather flimsy one.  A man who is not a homosexual does not turn to men in any circumstances.

page 821.

Literary Matters

     The blue covered book passed to Teal Kanary on the day of departure was a review copy of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.  The Revolution shares control of the publishing industry.  The saying is that all things are pemitted the Revolution while all things are denied the counterrevolution.

     As the senior partner the Revolution shares out its censorship capabilities to the Jews, Homosexuals and Feminists.  Kerouac was to deny that he was a Communist yet he hung out with professed Communists.  He also denied he was a homosexual yet the same group was openly homosexual.  Allen Ginsberg was even a proselytizer for the ‘lifestyle.’  He openly advocated child sex.

     At any rate On The Road promotes a Communist point of view and homosexuality.  It had the advantage of dealing with the rank and file.  It was at the same time a fine literary achievement while being proletarian, if not criminal, in attitude.

     As noted before the Communist element controlled literary matters aboard ship pretty effectively.  Reading is hard work.  Most people don’t like to do it so the book quickly made the rounds of readers or, at least, men who said they read it, sometimes in a matter of only a couple hours.  Craddock made sure Trueman had a chance to read it which Dewey did.

page 823.

     The book made a tremendous impression of those who read it.  They revered it almost as a bible.  They seemed to think it related directly to their lives.  Dean Moriarty was an especial hero to them.

     Dewey just thought of the characters as small time grifters and drug addicts who had no resemblance to his life or aspirations.  Perhaps therein lies a clue to the kind of people among which he was forced to live.

     In order to read something passably enjoyable which would pass Red censorship Dewey was reduced to reading Science Fiction.  SciFi was something that he had found very appealing as a youth but which now began to pall on him.

     He was standing the 12-4 AM watch reading a collection of fantasy stories by William Tenn when he realized that as enjoyable as this type of fiction was it led nowhere.  A lifetime of reading this stuff would leave one with nothing.  He resolved to put the Westerns and Science Fiction of his youth behind him.

     He was sitting beneath the barrel of the after three inch as he was reflecting on the uselessness of the genre when he heard footsteps and whispers rounding the superstructure.  Getting up to look as he was apprehensive that Roberts and the bunch might try to throw him over he saw Teal Kanary and Mike Van Wye running behind the guntub in a crouch.

     They had been half selected and half volunteered to be the one to throw Trueman overboard.  It was their intent to sneak around, seize Trueman and chuck him over.

    ‘Hey! Van Wye, Kanary!  What are you guys doing on deck after taps.  Get below where belong or I’ll call the bridge.’

     ‘How do you know it’s us, Trueman?’

     ‘What do you mean how do I know, Stupids.  I can see you.’

      ‘You can’t see us.  This is in the dark.’

     ‘Aw, you assholes are always in the dark.  You were born in the dark and you’ll never come out of it.  Get back down below.’

     The two men hesitated baffled by Trueman’s good vision because they couldn’t see that well.  They apparently didn’t think he could hear that well because they continued their conversation as though he wasn’t there.

     ‘This isn’t going to be so easy now that he’s seen us Van Wye.’

     ‘Yeah, I know, but it’s two against one and he’s a pussy.’

     ‘Oh Jesus, you guys are too much.,  Bridge:  After Watch.  Van Wye and Kanary are up here on deck without a purpose.  You want to send somebody back to remove them?’

     ‘Hey, you’re a real prick, Trueman.’  Van Wye whispered up as he and Kanary slid past on their way below in the same manner they had arrived.

     ‘Never mind, Bridge, they just slithered below.’

     Trueman survived the first attempt on his life.

page 824.

Parasdise Viewed From The Waterline

     The first stop on the tour was Pearl Harbor.  The stop was only for a few hours to refuel the ship, embarking again at ten o’ clock that evening for some reason.  As a reward for a successful tour the squadron was to be given seven days layover on the voyage home.  Still the anticipation of Honolulu was so strong that the Captain gave everyone but a skeleton watch liberty.  Even the eight to twelve was give liberty after standing their watch.  Every was given liberty that is, except…Dewey Trueman.

     Kanary was still angry with himself because he hadn’t been able to exclude Trueman from the cruise or been successful in tossing him overboard.  Unsuccessful in the former he would do everything he could to keep Trueman from enjoying the cruise;  unsuccessful in the latter he would manage a temporary surrogate.  Dieter too continued to seethe inside disappointed at his failure to imprison Trueman in the Depth Charge hold and its denouement.

     The Teufelsdreck sailed into Pearl at sunrise.  By six-thirty it was securely moored dockside.  The Captain announced immediate liberty for all hands with the exception of the watch with strict injunctions to be back no later than nine.

     These sailors had all been brought up on Webley Edward’s ‘Hawaii Calls’ radio show.  The lure of the islands was bred into their bones.  These were days on the cusp of the big jet mainliners that could fly from sea to sea.  A trip to the islands still meant a long sea cruise which was beyond the time and means of most people.  Flying itself was extremely expensive.  Thus the thrill of Hawaii was greater than even the prospect of Australia or Japan.

page 825.

     Dieter himself entered First to accost Trueman.

     ‘You’re not going on liberty, Trueman.  Get yourself a stage and drop it over the fantail.  You’ll be chipping and painting the ass end.’

     ‘What’re you talking about Chief?  You heard the Captain.  All hands.  You hear that?  He mentioned me by name:  All Hands.  That’s me.’

     ‘Sea lawyer!  You aren’t going to disobey an order from your Chief are you?  And don’t pull that going to the Captain again if you know what’s good for you.  Understand?’

     ‘Yeah, I understand Chief.  When the rules don’t work for you suspend the rules.  Well I suppose you’ve got the power Dieter so the law need have no relevance for you.  You and Willie Sutton, know what I mean?’

     Dieter didn’t know what he meant nor did he care to ask.

     ‘And stay over the side all day.  Understand?’  Dieter said jabbing his finger into Trueman’s chest for emphasis.

     ‘Hey, Chief, don’t touch.  No Petty Officer has a right to inflict corporal punishment.  Watch it!  Know the limits of your power!’

     ‘Always the sea lawyer, eh, Trueman?  If I wasn’t wearing this uniform…’

page 826.

     ‘Yeah, but you are.  You couldn’t function out of it.’

     The law was on Trueman’s side but the power was on Dieter’s.  What’s law compared to the sword?  It’s always the Hitlers who make the laws and Trueman’s who have to execute them.  Trueman just rationalized the situation to cover his disappointment.  He didn’t have much money; on such a short liberty there would only be time to hit the bars so he wasn’t missing anything.

     Dieter supervised him as he got the stage and paint supplies.  Dieter watched him lower the stage over the stern.  Then the Big Chief made some snide remark as Trueman dropped down and stalked off.

     As Trueman stared at the big white letters that spelled Teufelsdreck Teal Kanary leaned over to say:  ‘You’re right where you belong, Trueman,  off the ship.’  Hatred distorted the homo’s face and his regrets at not having been able to throw Trueman to the dolphins surfaced as unbridled rage.

     Trueman flicked the paint brush at him speckling his face and hat.

     ‘Shit man, you got some on me.’

     ‘Shit man, you always look like you’ve got some on you.  If you don’t get out of here I’ll paint your shoes, she how you like that shine, asshole.  I think I will anyway.’

     Kanary quickly pulled his feet back but not quick enough.  A streak of gray tracked over his left shoe.  Muttering something indistinct he rushed off to clean his face, put on a new pair of shoes and get a new hat.

     Trueman watched the crew stream by excitedly off for Honolulu.  Chief Dieter walked by with his nose in the air as though to say, take that.  Next to last came Kanary who cast a wrathful but satisfied glance in his direction.  After Kanary the Blacks came streaming by in a noisy laughing compact body.

page 827.

     The cruise was fraught with terrible anxieties for them.  Fearful for their safety amongst whites in their home towns they also lived in terror aboard ship.  Their fears for their safety in foreign lands which they imagined to be inimical to Blacks had been a matter of some discussion among them.

      The miracle of the Blacks was that in the face of historical antipathy amongst a hostile majority they could sustain such mental equanimity as to be cheerful and sprightly.  They could discuss their fears in a humorous laughing manner.

     ‘Say, Man, I don’t know what we gon’ do when we get in those foreign lands hatin’ us niggers as they do.’

     ‘Yeah, Man, if we survive goin’ ashore we gon’ be fightin’ our way in and fightin’ our way out.  No fun in that.’

     ‘You right there, Man.  I think Honolulu the last American place, only place we can go ashore on this cruise.  We gon’ have to stay aboard until the ship comes back.’

     ‘I s’pose you right, Man.  Then we better do Honolulu right in the eight hours we got.  He. He.  Le’s go have some fun.’

     And so for the last time in six months the Blacks left the ship.  As they passed Dewey standing on his stage Tyrone Jackson noted it carefully.  ‘That White Boy ain’t got no friends.’  He mused.

     When they were all gone a great peace settled aboard ship.  All the hubbub ceased.  Trueman picked up Dieter’s glare at him as he passed down the pier.  Then Trueman realized it was just he and the watch aboard ship.  What, he reasoned, was Dieter going to do if he pulled up the stage and lay around his bunk.  Nothing.  The Chief was on ice so thin it wouldn’t support his miniscule dick.

page 828.

     Trueman turned around.  The ship was backed against some old pilings.  Looked like the Japs missed them on the Day Of Infamy That Will Live Forever In Our Memory or until the Toyotas began to arrive, whichever came first.

     The pilings were built quite a way out over the water.  As Trueman stared back into them he couldn’t see where they ended.  The water of Pearl Harbor was greasy black covered with a thick scum of oil.  For a moment Trueman believed he could walk away across the oil to disappear forever among the pilings.  He had almost stepped off the stage when he caught himself.

     Then he climbed back up on deck, drew up the stage and took it back to the paint locker just forward of the Quarterdeck on the port side.

     ‘I thought you were supposed to work all day, Trueman.’  Carlovic, the Second Class Damage Controlman serving as Petty Officer of the Watch, said.

     ‘No kidding, Carlovics, you going to fink on me.  Who cares?  Dieter’s out of his rights anyways.  He has no call to discriminate against me.  Tell him what you want, I don’t care.’

     ‘Nobody said nothing about telling nobody nothing.  I was just making an observation, that’s all.’

     ‘Uh huh.  Well, have a good watch, Carlovics.  Keep your eyes peeled.’

page 829


     ‘That’s what I said, Carlovics.’

     Then Dewey relaxed the day aboard ship as though it was his very own.

They Put A Lid On It

     Underweigh again the Teufelsdreck headed out another two thousand miles into the Test Range.

     Dewey was standing with hands in pockets gazing at the flying fish.  The marvel of seeing fish emerging from the symbolic waters of the subconscious to skim across the surface sometimes gliding several feet above the water as the wave receded beneath them to meet the advancing crest where with consummate skill the fish rejoined contact but propelled itself up the rising swell before sinking beneath the brine once more.

     It wasn’t that Dewey wasn’t conscious of the feeling he was experiencing but that consciousness defied the formation of thought remaining an inchoate undifferentiated raveled nebula which he couldn’t grasp and formulate.  He watched as hundreds of fish, dragonfly like, fins extended, erupted in schools with their tail fins whipping back and forth to propel them up and out of the water.

     During the day they avoided the ship but every morning the deckhands had to sweep a couple dozen who had come aboard during the night over the side.  On one night one of them actually fell down the after hatch.

page 830.

     ‘Amazing, aren’t they?’  Dart Craddock said stepping beside him.

     ‘Yeah, they are.’

     ‘Say, Dewey, I want you to know I don’t think it was right you’re having to stay aboard in Honolulu.’

     ‘Well, Dieter’s got the power.’

     ‘It’s a shame you had to work all day while we were out partying.’

     ‘Oh, I didn’t work all day.’

     ‘You didn’t.’

     ‘Hell, no.  As soon as I saw Dieter leave I hauled the stage up and relaxed.’

     ‘Oh.’  There was a tinge of disappointment in Dart’s voice.

     ‘Actually, I didn’t mind.’

     Craddock thought Trueman was fibbing a little but Dewey was telling the truth.  An insult is effective only if it insults.  Dewey knew the intent was to insult him but the result had been beneficial to him. 

     ‘I mean, you know, it was just so darn wonderful to have some peace and quiet; to get free of the farting smelly trash.  You know half these guys only honor the Saturday Night tradition and if they miss one Saturday they wait until the next.

     ‘While I’m on it…’  Dewey slid into a non-sequitor, ‘…how many times do you guys cadge those steaks for yourselves.  I suppose you get all the canned strawberries and those goodies too.’

page 831.

     Dewey was referring to the night before Hawaii when he was going up to the midnight watch he passed the kitchen where he paused to look in as he smelled cooking steak.  There he saw Craddock, Kanary and others of that crowd cooking and eating steaks that were meant for the crew.  Having been caught in the act Craddock had offered Dewey some.  Had Dewey been wise instead of moral he would have wolfed down a few bites.  Whenever you come across people engaged in an illicit act it is necessary to become an accomplice or suffer the consequences of their enraged guilt.  There is always the fear that you will become a ‘whistle blower.’

     Dewey hadn’t made a formal complaint but in his outraged morality he noised the incident abroad.  Had he made an official complaint the incident could never have been proven, but among the crew members proof was of a different sort.  There was no question of guilt.  Many of the more aggressive crewmen let the conspirators know they expected to be cut in.

     ‘Oh that.  That…you really misunderstood that Trueman.  That was just…just…a box of few old pieces of meat Bocuse found under some egg cartons.  There weren’t enough for the whole crew, so…so…’

     ‘Yeah.  So Kanary and you guys got ’em.  I’m clear on it, Dart.  What do you think I don’t understand?’

     The situation was to have consequences. Neither Kanary nor Craddock forgot it.  But now Craddock changed the subject.

     ‘You know what’s right over there?’  He said pointing vaguely out across the immense expanse of waves.

page 832.

     ‘More water?’  Dewey joked.

     ‘That too.’  Craddock laughed more than necessary to distance himself from the steak incident.  ‘Johnson Island.’  He said confidentially as though he held a secret.

     ‘What’s Johnson Island?’

     ‘Well, you know we’re headed out into the Test Range?  Johnson Island is one of the first islands they blew up.  Then after Eniwetok and Bikini they took all the hot debris and dumped it into the lagoon of Johnson.  Then they built a concrete dome over it to trap the radio activity.’

     ‘Johnson Island is that close to Hawaii?  God, that’s criminal.’

    ‘Sure it is.  But they don’t care.  Imagine what Bikini and Eniwetok look like.’

     Dewey couldn’t imagine until he saw Kwajalein.  these so-called islands are merely atolls or in other words the exposed rim of dead volcanoes.  Only portions of the circumference are above water, and that just barely so that in order to put a concrete lid on Johnson the immense dome only touched land at a half dozen points.

     But Dewey’s imagination ran to other issues.  He didn’t grasp the significance of the nuclear testing but he was outraged at the removal of the tiny populations of these barely habitable out croppings.

     ‘What’s really terrible is they move the people living on them onto other islands.’

     ‘What’s so terrible about that?’  Craddock asked who for all the reputed sensitivity of the Reds for oppressed peoples failed to see oppression unless it suited his purposes.

page 833.

     ‘Wha-a-t?  Haven’t your ever read Herman Melville’s Typee?’  Dewey asked incredulously.

     ‘Yes, of course.’  Craddock lied.

     ‘Well, man, on that little island the people in each valley were at war with each other.  Can you imagine the result of forcing one tribe into another’s valley and telling them they have to get along with each other?  Ain’t going to happen, Cowboy.  Never, they’ll kill each other.’

     ‘Oh, I don’t think it’d be that bad.  Most people want to get along with each other.’

     ‘Yah, Dart.  Just like aboard this ship.  Not when some get the steaks and some don’t.’  Dewey said accusingly. 

     ‘I got to get up to the Radio Shack.’  Dart said hurrying off.

Landmarks Of The Pacific War

     The Teufelsdreck cruised into the Marshalls skirting Bikini in the distance to the north then dropping down to Kwajalein to approach it from the East.  The cruise was taking them to and past historic names:  Kwajalein and Tarawa and down to Samoa.  All had been strong fortifications of the Japanese requiring great effort to take.

     The names still meant a great deal in ’57.  Everyone had seen the movies.  For Dieter and the Old Navy hands these were legendary sites with tremendous emotional overtones.  If they hadn’t been there they knew others who had.

page 834.

     Kwajalein is a low atoll of several, not so much islands as sandbars surrounding the lagoon.  As on Typee the inhabitants of the several sandbars were all at odds with each other.  The main island which is sort of rib steak shaped with a fat part lying South and tapering to a point in the North is only large enough for a landing strip and some administration buildings.  Why the Japanese chose to defend it can only be attributed to fanaticism.  Why the US stormed it can only be attributed to stupidity.  Just put a couple ships around it and starve them out.  No problem.

     The approach to this main islet is exactly as described by Herman Wouk in the Caine Mutiny.  Pehaps as many sailors were familiar with Kwajalein from the movie as they were from history.  There was much joking as sailors hung over the side looking for the famous yellow stain.

     The influence of Wouk’s novel was quite extensive, notably through his creation of Captain Queeg and his ball bearings.  The ball bearings which he rolled and clicked through his fingers really made an impression.  Few men had read the book while nearly all had seen the movie.

     The movie is more reasonable than Wouk’s quirky book.  The movie sanitizes the book quite thoroughly.  Wouk, who was a Jew, wrote the typical immigrant’s novel where the oppressive Anglo social doyen comes into contact with various immigrant groups; most notably Italians and Jews.  For some reason Wouk makes his old line Anglo hero an Irishman which weakens his already shaky premise for the attentive reader.

page 835

     Wouk purposely makes the conflict between Queeg and his officers trivial to exploit the conclusion where the real purpose of the Pacific War is made apparent- to underscore its insignificance as compared to the destruction of the Jews in Europe.

     All the officers aboard the Caine are depicted as weak and quirky.  Decisive in scheming they are indicisive and confused in action.  The only strong character in the movie is the Jewish lawyer who defends them, although it isn’t really made clear he is Jewish as in the book.  He, of course, despised the scummy Anglos, thinks they are guilty of mutiny and gets them off because of a perverse sense of justice.

     For, while the real crux of the matter was happening in Auschwitz these guys were play acting in the Pacific War.

     As an example of how the Jewish movie moguls projected Jewish psychic needs unto the screen from their intellects to satisfy their subliminal anguish consider this:  In the 1930s two Jews created the comic book hero, Superman, as a parody of the goy.  They fashioned the features of Superman after those of the actor Fred MacMurray.  Thus in the movie a real life Jew, Jose Ferrer, acting the role of a movie Jew drives the real life gentile who was the model for the comic book hero Superman, Fred MacMurray, to his knees as the movie Anglo villain.  Thus in a subliminal projection the defeated Jew triumphs over the Nietzschean/Nazi Ubermensch reversing the facts of the War.  Very neatly done and nobody got it.

     Thus art and life fuse, after a fashion, in memory of the exterminated Jews.

page 816.

     The subliminal message for both book reader and movie goer is quite clear.  What is attempted is a sort of Freudian mind control.  Hypnotism from the printed page.

     Nevertheless after observing a whole crew walking around rolling imaginary steel balls between their fingers for a whole day Trueman mounted the ladder for the eight to twelve with a sigh of relief as the Teufelsdreck hosited anchor to head South for the Line.

     At this point the Homos activated their plans for the equatorial crossing.  Initiation was supposed to be only for one day but the pent up fury of the queers created an actual reign of terror for the three days to the Line that would have been unparalleled in an insane asylum.  The Teufelsdreck could have been called the USS Charenton for those three days.

     As strange as it may seem Captain Ratches released his authority to the homos for those three days.  He was never able to completely reestablish his authority after that.

     As stated previously there were only six men aboard below First Class who had ever seen the Southern Cross.  Yet all the men who gathered in After Steering were allowed to pass as Shellbacks.  The honest men did not contest that they were Pollywogs, but as so many men who had no claim to Shellback status claimed it there was much dissension and discord.

     True to his ideal Ratches refused to dirty his hands by associating with the crew.  He left all determinations to his Yeoman, Kanary.

page 837.

     When Kanary himself claimed Shellback status this brought up a howl of protest from Trueman.  It took no claim to genius to realize that men mostly twenty years or younger on their first tour could have been South of the Line but each case had to be specifically disproved.  Nor was this difficult but as in real courts when the judges are crooked only one verdict is possible.

     Trueman in open meeting, as it were, denied that Kanary was a Shellback.  Like all accomplished liars Kanary coolly asserted without a show of guilt that he was.

     ‘Baloney.’  Trueman averred.

     ‘I was on the cruise that had just come back when you came on board, Trueman, they visited New Zealand on that cruise.’  Kanary said with a smile.

     ‘Baloney, again, Kanary on two counts.  You came aboard just before I did and besides the ship spent all its time in Japan and patrolling off Korea.  It didn’t even go South.’

     ‘Yeah, that’s right.’  Came a couple voices.

     Kanary wasn’t stymied.  He smoothly changed his story.

     ‘Well, I did on an earlier ship before I came aboard.’

     ‘Balone three times.  You’re in for the same time I am.  This is your first enlistment.  You get out when I do so you couldn’t have been on another ship.  You’re a Pollywog.’

     Kanary had been caught in another lie.  Ever the consummate liar he without embarrassment or flinching after only a brief pause said:  ‘Well, I was on a cruise with my parents in high school and crossed the Line then.’

     ‘That too is a lie.  You always complain about how your parents are only schoolteachers and how they don’t have any money because the State doesn’t appreciate their services and they’re underpaid.’

     Then Kanary fell back on the lie of the common thief.

     ‘My parents came into a small inheritance.  That’s how they could afford it.’

     ‘Baloney forever, Kanary.  Civilian life doesn’t count.  What was their destination?’

     ‘South America.’

      ‘Where in South America?’

     ‘Caracas.’  Kanary snapped naming the first city he could think of.

     ‘Caracas isn’t below the equator.’  Trueman retorted.

    ‘Then we went to Argentina or somewhere,  It was a long time ago, I forget.’

     ‘Yeah.  High School was a long time ago.  It doesn’t count even if you did.’

     ‘It does so.’  Kanary cried shifting the argument from geography to contention.

     ‘Yes. It counts.’  Duber said supporting his own.

     The marbles were in the hands of the Homos who were organized from their nocturnal meetings and not with the straights who weren’t so the Homos carried the day.  It was the Day Of The Perverts; they would come into their own and terrorize the straights.

     Ungoverned by Captain and officers the Homos threw away all restraints.  While the Pollywogs were not required to submit to any initiation except on the day the ship crossed the Line the reins of law and authority were assumed by the Homos.  For three days the crew submitted to their reign of terror.  They allowed themselves to be abused as they would have done under no other circumstance.

page 839

     In telling this it seems clear that this was a war between Homos and straights but such a situation was only clear to the Homos who as a secret society knew who they were; the homosexual aspects of the situation was not at all clear to the others.

     Not sure that the crew would accept their authority the Homos began slowly to test the limits.

     In this madness they selected their targets to settle old scores.  Trueman was obviously one but through chance and adroitness he evaded their hatred.  One reason he escaped was their hatred.  Kanary who assigned watches juggled the watches in such a way that Trueman stood more than his share.  Thus in every instance that the Homos prowled he was on watch.

     As they left Kwajalein Dewey also drew the eight to twelve at night.  Seemingly an impossiblity it was brought about by a change in the dinner shifts.  That shift by custom was broken in two to allow the watch to eat.  Thus instead of a four to eight evening watch there was a four to six and a six to eight.  Thus by shifting the dinner watches the sequence of watches were reversed.  Those who had just been on watch came back on.

     The watches were causing Trueman logistical problems.  Because of watches, work and dinner it was difficult for him to find time to shower.  As it was imperative to him to be clean, especially in the torrid tropical heat, he was in a quandary.

     As he stood on watch he pondered his dilemma.  At sea every night was broken by a watch so that getting proper rest was impossible.  One was either retiring at twelve, getting up to stand the twelve to four or rousted at at three-thirty to stand the four to eight.  Trueman like his sleep which he wasn’t getting.

page 840.

     As he stared out glumly wondering how to shower and get sleep he realized he would have to give up some of the sleep which he wasn’t getting.

     His reasoning proved to be faulty because as he stepped into the showers he found the arch queers Paul Duber and Peter Erect in the back stalls.

     Forced sex and rape was part and parcel of their method.  They quickly learned that at sea where need forced changes in customs men were compelled to shower at odd hours after the changing of the guard for the twelve to four.  As sexual predators they hoped to take advantage of these isolated sailors.

     One of the things a Navy man is always advised is that if you drop your soap in the shower don’t bend over to pick it up.  To this time Dewey had thought this was just some kind of Navy humor.

     Duber and Erect had stopped the drains so that there was four inches of water sloshing back and forth as the ship rolled.  It was very easy to slip and fall in the soapy water.  They stood leering at Trueman with sex crazed eyes.

     ‘Careful you don’t drop your soap.’ Duber suggested leeringly.

    At that point Trueman realized that the statement was not a joke.  These guys meant to bugger him if he bent over.  There would be no witnesses; it would be Trueman’s word against theirs if he chose to report it.  Had he chosen to report such an incident the shame would have redounded on himself.  Unlike women who draw sympathy for a sexual violation a man becomes a laughing stock.  Therefore prevention was imperative as there was no cure.

page 841.

     It became apparent why there was four inches of water in the shower when Trueman dropped his soap.  Dewey used 99 44/100% pure Ivory so at least the soap floated; but as the ship rolled his soap floated under the divider to starboard and back again to port, you couldn’t catch it with your foot.  Standing in soapy water was precarious business so that more concentration was necessary to retrieve the soap than to watch you ass.  Diabolically clever fellows Duber and Erect.

     At first Trueman turned his rectum to the aisle to bend over intending to support himself with one hand on the bulkhead but one look at the expectant leering faces of Duber and Erect standing ready to pounce convinced him that ‘Don’t bend over to pick up your soap, was pertinent advice rather than a joke.

     He carefully turned placing his rectum against the bulkhead attempting a different balancing act in the rolling soapy water.  He missed his first couple passes at the soap almost falling over to the amusement of the queer duo.  Then he placed his hand on the ledge of the basin to steady himself retrieving his soap without mishap.

page 842.

     ‘You almost lost your virginity- if you are one.’  Erect quipped.

     Considering he had showered enough for one evening Dewey stepped out of the showers saying:  ‘You queers better watch your step.’

     ‘No.  You better watch yours Pollywog.’  Duber said threateningly.  ‘You better watch who you call queer.’

     ‘I was looking at you.’  Dewey said with disgust as he walked off.

     ‘God, I can’t believe a man has to live this way.  He lamented as he climbed into his bunk amid the stench of unwashed and farting bodies.  ‘But I ain’t got no choice unless I die today.’

The Man Who Shook The World

For even if they should say something true, one who loves the Truth should not, even so, agree with them.  For not all true things are the Truth nor should that truth which seems true according to human opinions be preferred to the true Truth- that according to the faith.

-Clement of Alexandria


     Clement was a man defending orthodox Christianity against not only the Pagans but competing Christian sects.  Here he enunciates the credo of the true believer- it is True because we believe it, any other opinion even if true must be considered false according to the faith.

page 843.

     In the twentieth century the Jewish comic Woody Allen has a scene in one of his movies where some Jewish men are discussing things at a seder.  Allen has one say that he would take God over the Truth.  Or, like Clement he would sacrifice Reason for Superstition.

     There we have the crux of the matter.  To criticize Jews is to criticize God in the Jewish mind.  The inevitable result is anti-Semitism.  Thereon hangs the whole of Jewish history.  It is to be devoutly hoped that the following discussion will not be defamed as Semites vs. Anti-Semites but approved as Reason vs. Superstition.  After all in the Age of Science one would hope that Superstition is a thing of the past.

     The argument will center on the ideas and career of Sigmund Freud- the man who shook the world.  But first the world will have to be placed in the context of competing viewpoints within a Jewish context.

     For many millennia the role of Science was given a subsidiary position below that of Religion.  The knowledge of God was used to deny true knowledge because it conflicted with the true Truth of faith.

     In this environment the Jews were advantageously placed to dispute with Roman Catholics.  After all Catholicism used the Jewish texts as its Holy Scripture.  Thus in debating contests with Catholicism the Jews almost always came out the winners.  This gave them great pride as being superior to the Gentiles.  Their very high opinion of themselves seemed justified.

page 844.

     Had things remained a matter of faith the Jewish opinion of themselves would probably still be unchallenged.  However Science which had been treated by the Church more roughly than the Jews refused to be suppressed.  Actually a higher percentage of Scientists were persecuted to death by the Church than Jews but this fact has to my knowledge never even been considered.

     The rise of Science in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries not only shook the faith of Catholicism to its roots but actually cast Judaism into the dust bin of history.  With the rise of Science the Semitic religions became irrelevant.  They could not win any debates with Science.

     In the many crises of the Jewish soul this was a very signficant one.  It caused the breakup of medieval Judaism.  For the first time the Jews left their ghettoes and attemped to enter the mainstream of European life.

     The Talmud which the Jews had always considered the repository of all true wisdom and knowledge now appeared to enlightened Jews to be the collection of nonsense the goys had always claimed it was.

     As the Jews then, began to enter the mainstream of European society they did so consciously as inferiors trying to impose themselves with their old dignity on superiors.  The Talmud was useless to them in argument; they could only embrace the alien ideology of Science and try to excel the European originators of it.

page 845.

     Bearing in mind their desire to avenge themselves on the European by befuddling them because of their expulsion from Spain they campaigned  politically, economically and intellectually.

     The first major attempt was that of Karl Marx who espoused ‘scientific’ socialism which was superior to ‘utopian’ socialism.  Thus a Jewish social system supposedly scientifically constructed was placed in opposition to a European social system.

     In the realm of Physics Einstein managed what seemed to be a more accurate description of reality.  So in politics and physics the Jews had established a seeming scientific superiority.

    At the same time as Einstein, Sigmund Freud coalesced a theory of psychology that was superior to all that had gone before it.

     All three men tried to turn their achievements to the benefit of the Jews.  As much as anything this was the cause of the two European wars as Hitler so accurately recognized.

     As a little aside it is interesting to note the career of Immanuel Velikovsky.  Like Einstein Velikovsky was a very competent scientist.  But whereas Einstein stopped short at attempting the prove the veracity of Genesis and Exodus Velikovsky plowed straight ahead.  Using his vast Scientific skills to attempt to validate the literal accuracy of every fable he broke on the rack of superstition.  Still, he wrote some very entertaining books.

page 846.


     The influence of Sigmund Freud on psychology has been immense while that influence has been almost entirely of a negative character.  The increase in crime can be attributed to his theories.  Certainly the self-centered attitude of the homosexuals aboard the Teufelsdreck is about to lead to crimes and thwarted crimes which can be laid to Freud’s ideas and career in light of his milieu.


     One of Freud’s discoveries was the neurotic need to repeat.  In other words, the subject repeatedly acts out the encysted subconsious fixation in an attempt to exorcise or realize it.  This phenomenon applies to groups as well as individuals.  In national groups it is called the ‘national character.’  In other words, a people must always act out its chracteristic view of reality, the true Truth of the faith vs. the actual state of things.

     The Jews by and large have been a Stateless people since their origins.  If one takes Genesis as fact, and it is psychological fact for sure, the Jews enter history ‘On The Road’ having been expelled from Ur of the Chaldees.  The theme of expulsion is a repeating figure in Jewish history.  They are never tolerated for long.

     If we take the Jewish historian, Josephus at face value they were expelled from Ur because of the jealousy of the Chaldean astronomers who were angry at Abram’s superior skills.  The Chaldeans were known as the foremost astronomers of the ancient world so the Jewish ego must excel them.

page 848.

     The Jews then go to Egypt which was the home of the greatest magicians.  After having outperformed Pharaoh’s magicians at feats of magic they take to the road again fleeing Egypt.

     Thus the main tenets of the Jewish character are fixed.  They see themselves as an invasive people who are naturally superior to any people whose territory they invade.  These two themes repeat and repeat.

     Thus in the nineteenth century when the Jews move West out of the Pale of Settlement into Vienna the migration must be seen as an invasion of a hostile people intent on taking over the State as in Ur or Egypt.

     A historical characteristic of Jewish invasions is that they are not usually militaristic but infiltratory.  Like the military invasion of Hungary by the Magyars the Jewish invasion of Vienna was no less belligerent and exhibited the same needs to impose its culture.

     In the biblical account of the invasion of Palestine the Jews put entire peoples to the sword to make living space for themselves.  Thus they committed genocide several times over.  It was not possible to exterminate the Viennese.  Not on short order, anyway.

     The bulk of the Jewish people in the world prior to 1700 had been collected in Eastern Europe in what became known as the Pale of Settlement.  This was mainly in eastern Poland and western Russia.  When Poland was partitioned between Russia, Austria and Germany in the eighteenth century Austria acquired a large Jewish population in Galicia and its other Eastern provinces.

page 848.

     The Western Jews already realized that the great challenge to their sense of superiority came from science.  What is called the Emancipation of the Jews was done by the French Revolution c. 1789-93.  The Emancipation allowed the Jews to begin participation in European society.  Thus the Jewish intellect came into conflict with the European intellect.  In Germany this created a reaction called the Kulterkamph.  The Germans opposed Kultur to Semitism.  Semitism is the Jewish name for their intellect.  Hence anti-Semitism came into existence.

     Once within the Austrian Empire the Jews began to migrate toward its capitol, Vienna.

     The Austro-Hungarian Empire was already an unwieldy amalgam of disputing nationalities and races.  Its German governors had their hands full.

     Unable to destroy the Germans by the sword the Jews made a cultural assault on the institutions of the Empire.  Blows against the Empire.  They pitted the Jewish intellect, Semitism, against the German intellect, Kultur.  Freud who fully understood the meaning of Kultur wrote a book denouncing it- Civilization And Its Discontents.

     Now, Jews are not smarter than anyone else although the mythology of the West so asserts.  In fact, the Jews are not under the same constraints as the indigenous peoples.  Thus, the Jews were always a free, if circumscribed, people.  The indigenous peoples were seldom as free and just as circumscribed.  Medieval Europe had been a caste society in which only a certain caste had freedom of movement.  The Russian Serfs were both unfree and circumscribed until 1861 when they were nominally, at least, freed although not allowed to freely participate in society.  Other European peasants had a role akin to the American Negro of 1900 in the South who were supposed to know their place and keep it.

page 849.

     Thus a university education was beyond the aspirations of the indigenous lower classes but open to Jews of any class.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that social advancement is much facilitated by a college degree.  The Jews accordingly flooded European Universities in greatly disproportionate numbers to their population.  Any Jew could thus place himself above the majority of the indigenous population.

     It was inevitable that they should be disproportionately represented in law, the judiciary, medicine, education, the arts and all prestigious occupations.  As Semitism was unassimilable to Kultur it was inevitable that if the invasion was not resisted Semitism would prevail over the Kultur giving the war to the Jews who would then have conquered the indigenes.  This left the Germans in a difficult situation.  They must either discriminate against the invaders, kill them or go under.

     Given more freedom of movement than the indigenous population and possessing a universal language, Yiddish, they could form the business corps of any community unrestrained by the business mores of the indigenous peoples.  They could make their own rules, upsetting established traditions and customs as in ancient Egypt and Chaldea.

page 850.


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