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A Children’s Story by Jeannie Prindle

     One day a shiny new kitten arrived at my home and I named him Jimi.  Now Jimi was by birth an elegant and regal Himalayan Persian, specifically a Blue Point.  This was one impressive kitty and should have been very proud of his heritage.  His Dad after all was a Grand Champion and much admired by his peers.

     Now Jimi was a happy little kitten, until one day I found him sitting looking sadly out the living room window.  When I looked to see what he was looking at, I saw a beautiful large male cat, full chested and regal with a magnificent  coat and an imposing mantle of fur aound his neck which almost touched the ground.  Jimi was feeling very much inferior because he had no such distinguished ruff, and maybe he was not a pure bred Persian kitty as he had been told.

     This sad little kitten that had only yesterday been so happy and joyfull, now just sat in the house all day and stared soulfully out the window.  He did not want to be seen by anyone for fear that they would discover his fault and laugh at him.

     As Jimi got older he grew more and more depressed, but somthing was happening to Jimi that he was not aware of.  I tried everything I could think of to get him happy again.  I tried to play our old games and cooked him special treats, but it all was to no avail.

     Now as I said, something wonderful was about to happen to Jimi, but it would come as a great surprise.

     One sunny morning before I awoke, Jimi stretched himself and took a stroll into the living room.  There in front of the window he stopped.  He stood at that window for the longest time just staring.  Now what Jimi was staring at was a beautiful fluffy male cat with a magnficent regal ruff.  Now a funny thing began to happen, when Jim moved, the cat in the window moved in exactly the same manner and when Jimi sat, the cat in the window sat.  This shadow dance went on for a few minutes until Jimi let out a yowl, jumped around and finally came to the realization that the cat in the window was none other than a reflection of himself now a mature glorious male cat in all his splendor.  He ran to my room, jumped on the bed and curled up beside me and purred himself to sleep.

     The next morning first thing he had to go outside to show all his friends and neighbors and he was proud