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Prindle 4


           I’ve been posting for some time now.  As interest seems to be increasing I suppose I should give some basic information about myself for those who are interested enough to click on About.

     I was born in Saginaw, Michigan in 1938.  I graduated from high school there going into the Navy after.  I spent my three year enlistment in San Diego choosing to remain in California after my discharge.

     I lived in the Bay Area from Marin to the East Bay.  I attended night school at a variety of Junior Colleges before enrolling at the then California State College at Hayward now California State University East Bay.

     I married in ’63 and still am.

     In ’66 my wife and I left California for Oregon to attend graduate school at the UofO.  From there I opened a record store and have progressed from there into the Now.

     For a more detailed serio-comic account go to the Ron E. Prindle Biblio profile at .  The ERB stands for Edgar Rice Burroughs about whom I have been writing for several years.

     I am using my R.E. Prindle blog to post my fiction and my I, Dynamo blog for my non-fiction.  I have  a third blog, Contemporary Notes to spout off about current issues.

     On this R.E. Prindle blog I have posted one complete novel- The Sonderman Constellation- has been published by iUniverse and is available for purchase from the usual internet outlets.  You’ll like it.  Vol I of Far Gresham which is complete and the middle section of Our Lady Of The Blues.  In addition to Book V of  Our Lady I have also completed posting  Book VII.   Sentational stuff.  The paragraph below is now redundant but I’ll leave it in anyway  Also posted are a number of short stories and novellas.  I thank  whatever readers may be who  have bothered to read my stuff.

     As most of my fiction was written a few years ago I still have a lot to post.  I think next I’ll do another section of Our Lady Of The Blues.  Book VII.  There will be a lot of hitchhiking stuff in the section.  Hitchhiking seems to be a popular topic.  I did a lot of it in my Navy years including a trans-continental hitch that I think is the high light of Our Lady.  Come back from time to time.

                     R.E. Prindle


  1. Interesting writing, indeed. Where do you live? Got anything on paper? I hate reading online, so I’ve only skimmed so far.

  2. Woody:

    Grew up in Michigan residing now in Oregon.

    Know your feelings on reading from the screen.

    I am currently working with iUniverse to publish The Sonderman Constellation. Maybe April or May. See how it goes from there.

    Appreciate your interest.

  3. I see in your Hank Snow Lyrics of “The Last Ride” you have the line “you
    said that I was white”. Everywhere else
    on the web they have eith I was wise or
    I was right. I always thought he said
    I was white. What was your source for
    this wording?

  4. I answered this on January 13th but apparently something went wrong and it doesn’t show up. My apologiex.

    My source for the wording was the record from which I transcribed as when I wrote the story I didn’t have a computer. Snow sings white.

    Some obviously very sensitive people have misinterpreted the meaning if they have changed the word to wise or right.

    White has nothing to do with race in the context. It has to do with being a sincere, pure guy who does the right thing as in the occult meaning of white. i.e. The Great White Brotherhood has nothing to do with race but with being in contact with the godhead.

    So white just means being a great person.

  5. looks cool! great to meet you

  6. Thanks jav. Hope you like the stuff.

  7. Hi Ron,

    Jeez, lost track of you back sometime in the 1970’s, after I moved from Eugene to California and you moved to Portland. A quick Google search turned up this address, so I am hoping this gets to you. If so, please reply and I will send a more informative missive.

    I still think fondly of you and the Crystal Ship—was just listening to The Band’s Big Pink, which I first heard in your shop and immediately saved up my pennies to buy. Also The International Submarine Band—which you bought several cut out copies of, for a song at the five and dime, then took across the street to your shop and sold as the “rare” first Gram Parsons album (which it actually was)


    George Lewis

  8. I want more than to “Leave a Comment.” I prefer to converse, even via email, but WordPress doesn’t seem to have provided you a Contact Page. This is concerning The Efficiency Expert, La, Theriere… ERB’s rationale behind these characters and your thoughts on the same. Please drop me a line.

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